Frequently Asked Questions:

I think your location is perfect for my mother, how can I take a tour?
We do not do tours of the facility as we wish to respect our residents’ sense of home and privacy. We do hope to one day have a virtual tour available, but currently do not have that. If your loved one is notified that they are to move into one of our facilities, we will do our best to allow you a chance to see the space to assist with preparing for the move at that time. Thank you for your understanding..

I have heard there is a long wait list to get my loved one into care. How long is the list, and where does my family member sit on that list?

We are proud of all of our care communities and many families see our locations as their first choice when a loved one is placed on the list for nursing home care. Please refer to the Nova Scotia Wait Times website for more information.

How can I get involved as a volunteer? I would like to help in my community, but I am not sure how I could help?

Volunteers are a vital part of our community. Please submit a volunteer form to the home you are interested in, as well as a current criminal record check. Volunteers forms are available online, or in person at each of our facilities. For more information, please contact our Recreation Department staff:

My mother has some food allergies, what kinds of meals are served?

Our menus are designed seasonally to incorporate local produce availability. All dietary needs are met for each resident and are specific to each resident. Please see our various policies and our approach regarding nutrition for residents. Family members are welcome to bring in special food items for residents—guidelines for doing so are also outlined in our policies.

How much does it cost to live at Rosecrest?

Rosecrest Communities do not set resident rates. Click here to review information on costs outlined by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.

I represent a service group that would be interested in performing for/visiting the residents at your facility. How should I book this?

We love booking new programs for our residents. Local bands, church groups, girl guides, scout troops, daycares and more are welcome! For more information, please contact our Recreation Department staff:

My loved one is no longer a resident, but I need a tax receipt from a previous year. How can I obtain one?

For any past or present resident account inquires, please email:

  • Angela Fraser (Administrative Support)

I want to give my loved one a comfy chair for their room, can I bring one in?

We’re happy to accommodate personal items for our residents. Please note that all furniture brought in needs to meet the fire marshal’s safety requirements, and must be in good repair. Furniture items need to have a CAL TB 117 (or higher) certification label (this applies to new furniture purchased as well.)