The Ivy Meadows is located at 125 Knowles Crescent in Beaver Bank,
and is home to fifty-one residents.

Ivy Meadows has been a part of the Beaver Bank community for over 50 years. We have volunteers that contribute to our residents feeling a strong sense of community at home. Located just 15 minutes beyond Lower Sackville, Ivy Meadows is identified by four unique zones: Nightingale Hall, Secord’s Way, Mance’s Garden and Jacob’s Walk. All sections provide long term care for residents, with Jacob’s Walk specializing in memory care.

Residents all have access to our recreation programming which is often supported by the Friends of Ivy Meadows Society. The accessible bus allows for trips to the local Tim’s, special fishing derbies and other local attractions within the community. Feeling integrated into the greater community allows our residents to feel at home at Ivy Meadows.